The vineyard


Marie Demets Champagne is located in the Côte des Bar, in Aube, in the south of the Champagne AOC (PDO - Protected Denomination of Origin) region. The village of Gyé sur Seine is located in the Seine Valley and has 226 hectares of vineyards.


The farm has 10 hectares of vines spread over the villages of Gyé sur Seine, Neuville sur Seine and Courteron. The 14 parcels of land that make up the vineyard have varying soils and exposures that produce a variety of flavours that give each wine its own identity. 30% of the vineyards are planted with Chardonnay vines (white grapes) that bring finesse, elegance, and freshness to our Champagnes. The remainder is planted with Pinot Noir (a black grape with white juice) that give our wines roundness and strength.


After being harvested by hand, the grapes are pressed as soon as they reach the pressing centre to preserve the maximum flavour and aroma. Blending the wines allows us to give each vintage its character and preserve its identity from one year to another. Our wines are kept for between 15 months and several years.